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Annie Quinting

Most of you know that I'm not one to cause an uproar, but this one I MUST! As a beekeeper, science teacher and fellow human who loves her fruits and vegetables, I plead with you to take the pledge. Let me tell you why.

Neonicotinoids are a class of pesticide (produced by the Bayer Corporation, Monsanto and others) that is highly toxic to invertebrates, especially insects. However, it is NOT SPECIES SPECIFIC and it will kill any insect that comes into contact with it--good and bad. It targets the nervous system and is blamed for the honey bee Colony Collapse Disorder, but it also kills other beneficial insects, i.e. other pollinators.

It is also used to pre-treat seeds and plants. It is a systemic pesticide--in other words it is within the whole plant including the pollin and nectar that insects feed upon.

I ask that you educate yourself further and above all, ask questions when it comes to buying plants, and seeds and avoid buying any pesticide. There are very safe alternatives that you can make for pennies at home! With power of the internet we can accomplish great things.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pass the word.

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