Milena Czarnota

You sir/mam, killed an innocent animal, a dog by the name of TajfunI am NOT sorry for saying the following.... Ireland is KNOWN for killing innocent animals for the smallest of reasons. Ireland is KNOWN for keeping these loving creatures away from the ONLY families they've ever known & loved. On top of ALL of that, you keep them away for months (if not years), so both can be kept in total TURMOIL!
Therefore, Ireland, do you know that you have become a HUGE joke in the USA & as well as many other countries due to what you did to Lennox, Tajfun & many other innocent animals? Are you NOT aware of this fact? Maybe you just don't care (which is just too obvious). If you don't care about innocent animals that took NO lives & never majorly hurt anyone.....then how about taking care of, or better yet PUNISHING ALL of the alcoholics, HEROIN ADDICTED citizens living in your country?????? How do you punish them? I'm SURE they have hurt MANY MANY MANY more of your people then ANY dog has or EVER will!!! These people steal, rob, hurt, injure & KILL your people...yet what do they get as a punishment... (?)...either a slap on the wrist, a night in jail or a few days in prison (at the most!)....and these junkies commit crime after crime to your own citizens! How come you don't punish them CORRECTLY? Usually, they're right back on your own streets to hurt your citizens ALL OVER AGAIN! So Ireland, please get your sh*t together, because most of the WORLD LOOKS AT YOU AS A BIG TIME - JOKE JOKE JOKE! You punish your animals w/death, when in all reality it's your own citizens whom are to blame for truly major crimes against innocent human beings! You're a JOKE! I feel horrible pain for any animal living on your alcohol/drug INFESTED soil! IRELAND has more methadone clinics for your junkies then animal shelters for your innocent animals. You're a sad Country! You're very disappointing! My family & cousins always travel to your country. They are also ALL true animal lovers. Wait 'till I tell them about the case of Tajfun, they were all so broken up about Lennox, but this will do the job! Less money for your little country. You know what else, WE hate your country already as it is, so multiply that by a million after you just killed Tajfun (another innocent dog)!!!
PS-I may have pastes & copied on here a few times, but that only shows how much I disapprove, and also very much....dislike you. Thanx!

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