Deborah Ashby is working to see Walmart CEO or COO on Undercover boss

Deborah Ashby

Over the last few years it seems like the company has gotten side tracked by greed instead of customer service which is the most important part of retail. They also seem to have forgotten that happy, well-treated employees are more productive. Right now the employees are stressed, over-worked, stretched too thin and expected to meet times for the tasks that are continually being shortened. They are frequently scolded and many times it's in front of customers. The company sites the "Open Door Policy" but every time anyone tries to use it, they get sent in circles or ignored. Then there's the wages. It's not enough that they are below poverty level, but there's also a wage cap on every pay level EXCEPT CORPORATE SALARIES and the lowest cap is already below poverty level. In addition, the company gives the store managers a yearly (if that store's profit margin is high enough) 110% of their yearly salary as a bonus. I want them to see what we, their employees, deal with all the time.

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