Andrew Estes is working to finish the fight for full LGBT equality

Andrew Estes

I know from personal experience how not being accepted by the ones who you think will accept and support you but don't. When I was in high school as a junior I began to notice that I was drawn to the same sex. Men seem to attract my attention and not women. So I started telling myself at first that this wasn't normal nor was it right. As a Christian raised in the church and being told that men shouldn't lie with men because it was an abomination. Then not long ago, I spoke to a preacher and he told me he felt the same way I did which was being LGBT wasn't a choice like many thought it was. It was the way you were born. For a long time a war raged inside me! A battle consisting of what the church said about being gay and the personal beliefs inside me that was coming from my heart. I eventually accepted the fact that I was not a mistake nor was I choosing to be gay. Rather, it was something that was chosen for me at the moment of conception. So I speak to all those concerned with the same doubts I have just mentioned. I know you feel lonely and it seems like nobody cares. But they do and I do too. I love all human beings regardless of ethnicity or racial skin color and whether you are Jewish or Protestant or Christian, I love you all the same. I can only say that "it does and it will get better!" Stand strong and never loose that dream of finding the person who you will one day want to marry. Be true to yourself and never loose sight of the fact that we are all perfect in the eyes of God.

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