Eric Echols is working to Keep rape apologists out of office

Eric Echols

Rape is rape no matter who does it. Yes their is time when you let your emotion get in the way, but you have to realize when someone says no or they don't want to have sex, you have to know when to stop and push your feeling on that person. Yes of course their those who don't want to bring it up because of the light that will be brought on them. You as a person have to the strength within yourself to let them know that just because of what I was wearing a nightgown or a miniskirt does not mean that young woman or lady deserved to be raped. Even though you are married to your loved one doesn't mean you have every right to do what you want to your wife or husband. When you take those vows which say love to honor till death do we part. When you are being abused you have to find someone to talk to whether it is minister, therapist so you can get your feelings out.

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