Theresa Johnson-Keldsen is working to find Justice for Puppy Doe - Kiya

Theresa Johnson-Keldsen

This is an unbelievable horror story for the life of one little puppy. As I read the facts about the case I wanted to stop because I knew once I read on, that I would never be able to get these images out of my head. Animal cruelty is one of the sickest forms of abuse. For the life of me, I cannot understand the mentality behind such barbaric acts of torture and sadism. I feel like if this puppy had to endure this life in this manner, the least I could do is read and then do my best to do something about it. I will not let this treatment of a loving God made creature go unnoticed and unpunished. As I read the story and as I type my reaction to it, I weep. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering and how anyone could stand around and watch let alone do such things. I want the person(s) responsible caught and punished. I want their to be new laws in effect that make it a Felony to abuse animals. It is not unlike willfully abusing a human being, that is a Felony and is punishable by law. Also, Driving while under the influence, is a Felony in most states, if not all. People have been educated about the dangers so there is no excuse to drive D.U.I and that is why people who get caught are punished and pay heavy fines and go to jail. I believe animal abusers should get the same treatment. They know it is wrong, they have been educated and they should know innately that it is wrong to abuse and torture animals. I demand that something be done in "Puppy doe's" case as well as any others the will undoubtedly come up again, and again. Unless we make it a FEDERAL CRIME to abuse an animal in any way. That means, no hitting, kicking, punching, starving, leaving them without water or shelter, tied to a chain or rope outside in any sort of weather. And especially extreme cases like this wear long term torture has been the life of this poor unfortunate dog. Please, I cannot stand the thought of another animal exposed to this violence. Please make it your voice count, please speak up for an animal in need, sign this petition and others that come along. Not just for dogs and cats, but all animals great and small. WE need your voice to make a difference in Legislature, let's pass some laws people! Thank you and please share... it takes a village to make a change, WE must make a change, Animal abuse is unacceptable.

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