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Tracy Hogan Losoncy is working to Impose maximum sentence on shooter(s) of Ryker and Phylo

Tracy Hogan Losoncy

Why would someone shoot two dogs?

"The Mastiff-cross dogs were likely shot by hunters, who may have mistaken them for wolves"

I think it's just as important to ask why this would have been acceptable had the hunters shot actual wolves instead of mistakenly shooting dogs?

It is legal in BC. I think it's just as important to bring this up as it is to ask the (really not very bright) "hunters" be punished.

Wolves suffer just as (and also far more) gruesome, brutal deaths all over BC (and elsewhere) and the cowards (aka hunters and trappers) who enjoy torturing and killing wolves and other creatures don't even have to get a permit before or notify anyone after.

If the animals had been actual wolves, what these guys did would have been 100% legal. Think about how outraged you are that the dogs suffered and died, why is it okay for wolves to suffer and be killed like this. How is that acceptable in 2013??

It's just as disgusting. These guys are mentally disturbed.

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