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Kristine Wilson

We all need to make a stand to the government about the food we eat - it is not safe and it has to be linked to the massive rise in cancers we are seeing. Visit any oncology department and you will see for yourself!
The cruelty that goes into producing this rubbish we are fed is immense - live chicks are minced in the egg industry.
Pigs are fed GM soy products to fatten them as well as antibiotics - the producers are huge companies paying farmers to fatten them using the prescribed food. Some farmers are being paid as little as 10p per pig per day so no vets are called to sick animals - the hauliers slit their throats instead! Why would anyone want to buy into this?
Most of the meat sold by supermarkets has been slaughtered by the Halal method as it saves them money and there is no legislation to label the meat that it has been barbarically slaughtered.

The meat trade is open to abuse, despite the opportunity being there to tighten up which is why the supermarkets have got away with selling condemned horsemeat and continue to do so.

Please sign this campaign to get cleaner, ethically produced food.

The additive to keep bread soft is made from feather and human hair - how much more do you want to know? Everything is full of dangerous additives and sugar - which is why is the nation has an obesity problem, which in turn is a drain on the health service.

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