Rachel Slaton is working to Stop "Re-homing"!

Rachel Slaton

Our children are our future and the more we let them be "Re-homed" into unlicensed and undocumented homes we are losing the heart and pride of our future leader (our children). We need to stand together to make sure children are in safe and nurturing homes instead of just given to those that may cause them harm. "Re-homing" is a term used to describe when an adoptive family decides they can no longer care for the children and they are sent to another home that has not been approved by the state. This can lead to children being placed in homes where they are abused physically, mentally, and verbally. We should stand together and protect all of our children. Just because we did not give birth to them does not mean we should turn a blind eye to what is happening. Put yourself in the child's shoes. Wouldn't you want someone to be there for you, to help you. Please show your support.

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