David M. Zwald is working to Take Part in Maryland's 2014 Legislative Session

David M. Zwald

Dear Friends:

Well, 2014 is here. Happy New Year to you. If you are like me, you grow more and more concerned about the direction of our State Government. The current Governor and the Democratically controlled legislature have increased spending by $1 Billion per year for the last 7 years! That has meant more taxes. At the same time, economic growth has been stifled with increasing tax burdens. Many large companies have moved and other large companies do not choose Maryland to grow their businesses. I am doing what I can to help elect a Republican Governor and to help elect House Delegates and State Senators that will pledge to be fiscally responsible. I'm going to support candidates who will spend our money wisely and avoid more taxes. I'm going to read proposed bills, write letters to the editor, and keep my family and friends informed of what is happening. That way, as informed citizens, we can do our part to take back our State in 2014. Will you join me?

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