Adrian Cracchiolo is working to Call for One GOOD GENERAL ARREST the FEDERAL RESERVE its A Violation of UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION

Adrian Cracchiolo

Please sign and share at and at The Federal Reserve TALF Act of 2014 and at For The BIS and Fed Reserve TALF Act the more the better and at and at and at
TALF Term Asset-Backed Loan Facility Program:

The concept is to modify family loans to generate income by purchasing long term treasury bonds held to maturity or similar to this. A loan large enough to generate any family size to be at or above the poverty line. Such as the 30year bond at around 3% interest a year. Just trying to get us a piece of the pie before it's gone.

For Example:

United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) figures for poverty in 2013[17] Persons in
Family Unit 48 Contiguous States
and D.C. Alaska Hawaii
1 $11,490 $14,350 $13,230
2 $15,510 $19,380 $17,850
3 $19,530 $24,410 $22,470
4 $23,550 $29,440 $27,090
5 $27,570 $34,470 $31,710
6 $31,590 $39,500 $36,330
7 $35,610 $44,530 $40,950
8 $39,630 $49,560 $45,570
Each additional
person adds $4,020 $5,030 $4,620
there's a list of grievance a 100 miles long there's a code of silence and it can't go on

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