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Rashmi Ahya

We live here in USA with fear as officers are chasing us,wipers and bad mouthing to our doctors,neighbors,lawyers and file falls charges which has been dismissed but these bad Agents never stop yet.They made my falls arrest in 1990,which been dismissed and so they want a revenge,so they never have stop yet.I have my petition on www.change.org but hey never forward my complain to anybody yet as whispering and bad mouthing is continued.
Why USA need a Federal Judge? President and law makers are fool to let it happen since 1950. I found out many officers been following me and were wire tapping and found nothing till today Dec.16,2013. Then I found out officers were knew it that I am clean but wanted to nail me, fabricate the case against me and they were not able to as I was very careful. First I did not come to USA to commit any crime. I came with a hope to make my American dream may come true for me and me and my wife had a big plan to make great things for us and America. We had planned to have our children and bought $100,000/ each whole life Insurance and been paying a big premium and I read that in that policy that this Policy does not cover for any crime related death or something. We never own any gun. We both had a business trucks. First we started with one as my wife had no Driver's license and need to rethink twice before you make any investment.
I found out that officers were chasing me to hunt and arrest me and they been failing, their anger was going up and boiling, I find no solution until my wife had a baby and she quit working in 1985 and they got her first as she was mentally ill and tempted her, instead helping a mental patient? She got trapped and been friend with them and it lasted 5 long years of that partnership and relationship. My wife had mental illness and the story is too long but all these officers knew it and we had 3 children ,9 months,2 and 4 then when officers had made my falls arrest and many moths of legal battle ,case was dismissed at a very high cost.
They still trying to take that revenge and female officers been chasing from school to back my house since 1992 and it is still on. I almost was to be trap in the Parking lot of Kroger as male and female officers were parked in 2012 ,very very closed to my car, I recognized them but I had a carry out help, his name was Joe. female officer been in the store ,had talked to Joe and had scared him saying something. I don't know but when I started talking about his college ,Joe got surprised, I saw it and both the officers were listening through their microphones mounted inside the car and the female officer was shocked to listen me as she was also brain washed but that male officers been following on and off since 1992.
I remember, that he even used to follow my Ice cream Truck at Jail house apartment called sunny side apartment which is full of drugs and too many other stuff that I don't like to get into. Everyday shooting and this officer wasting time chasing me. That apartment building I used to park for 2 hours as I had also cooked food and I remain very busy and I see that officer parked at the stop sign, waiting for two hours and then follow me. He never bothered me then. I used to fell comfort as officer is very close by but he was not to protect me in case something happens. He will then take off for sure.
Something wrong with our system.
I was a Technical Lecturer at High school in Bombay in 1970 and then join Merchant navy as a wireman as I wanted to come to USA since I was 12. I did come to USA ,Canada and South America and it looked very good to me and so I had applied for Green Card and my wife was R.N. and she got the green card, so we both came together to USA in March,1974 and had no place to go. But we made it.
Recession was started in 1974 and we were laid off first and hired last.
I had no choice but to apply for unemployment office, and it was 5 P.M. and so I asked how much we have time left to wait, Female officers had said "Take off back to India and you don't have to wait" That really bite my spirit and I decided not to take any job and thus end up driving my Ice cream Truck but Police used to stop me almost every week in 1977 to 1980,gave me tickets and Judge dismissed it and so there was a peace for a while.
But it had started again ten or more years later as I had never sued the state.
Police coming home and forced me to open my locked fence gate in 2005.Asking for a certificate of occupancy. I said I don't have it as Houston City has denied that permit but I have all other permits. I try to talk to that female office in a very noce manner that here are too many businesses here and city do not want to enforce this deed restriction. She said Yes Mr.Ahya,we already know it but we want to enforce it only on you and give me your Driver's License and I gave it to her. She wrote down a ticket and I signed it peacefully as I know that I have right to remain silent and if I had argued, they wanted to arrest me. This is the same another female officers been chasing me and posing me and I never stop. Once she approach in the parking lot of HEB super market and knock on my driver's window real hard, take me to down town, I said ,I be right back as my Ice-cream is melting and took off. She was watching me loading my grocery and made enough attempts to pose me and it was 10.30P.M. and store was closed at 10P.M. and then after loading I had to buy bottle water which was a foolishness ,when I saw that female officer, but we had no water to drink and my 3 children and disable wife been waiting for me. Female officer has and had all the information. This was in 1995 and she came home t ticket me in 2005.
So now I have a camcorder and never go out at night no more as I am sure they will do something. I don't see them anymore, but they are there everywhere. That ticket was dismissed saying a defective complain.
It is worthless to chase a 73 year old man and posing for an another illegal arrest,
I installed 12 Swan smart cameras, and they bought out all the neighbors around me and installed Laser Gun and blocks my cameras when I am going out and coming in.
Today, Monday December 16,2013, I saw Frank cutting grass on 5426 kenilwood drive ,next door to my house and I was going out leaving my disable wife home alone, who tried to fondle my disable wife in our dry way when we were going out to visit a doctor and I was locking my house door. I had confronted Frank then. The master mind of Hernandez family of four who are criminals and hackers ,who also lives right across my back yard dry way on 7721 St.Lo.Road,Houston,Texas,77033 and so Policed had line up with them as Police ,FBI D.A. and all looking for felons or your holes or offense to arrest you or black mail you, this is my experience for 37 years.
Now I see all the houses been bought up around me by FBI. Some have my neighbors living but they are the hired contractors with all the spyware equipments supplied, I called it illegal deputy office in someone’s house
Mr.Ramiro's wife is next door on 5426 Kenilwood ,Houston ,Texas,77033 is illegal alien from Mexico been posing me as our back yard had a chain link fence. I already knew her problem as she been told to trap me and then they will get her documents but first they had deported her and so now she is frightened and have no choice.Her husband shot my truck 14 BB and Police watch that videos and gave me a report in March 3 2013 and never talk to Mr.Ramiro then .Is this not a strange that Police see the crime and never asked Ramiro a question? And Police never filed charges and so I am looking for a Lawyer and they whispers to lawyer so I need a honest Lawyer, like this Federal Judge who told NSA spying is unconstitutional.
I know that Ramiro was first was my friend and so he got fired from his job, then wife got deportation and they tried first to have him harmed me. They did not and now they have two little children and so I am not willing to force charges on them as they were not willing to but are being blackmailed and so Local, State and Fedaral level are doing it and they had provided two very expensive BB Guns and I saw these two Agents were teaching Ramiro how to use it and I was also watching them.
Every night Laser lights on my cameras, blinding and blocking recording.
They forcing me to commit a crime and they are big big fools.
So I have been trying to sell my house and go back to India.
Bible says, don’t live in that town, where you are not celebrated' but these Agents ,don't let me sell our house as they find out the buyer's hole and then pissed them off and I been trying to sell my house since 1995 and move and now I think they must have post my name on no fly list and so now I have more troubles than before as they might held me or let me get home but what home? We will sell our house first to get the money to fly and to buy or rent the place in India and so we will be on the street, if we are now on no fly list? Or sent us to a secret jail?
So first I have to file a three Law suit, Federal, State and Local but each time I had faxed my complains to various Lawyers, they never had got it ,which confirms that they are on my line in series and so Agents get my faxes first and so Agents would not let it pass to Lawyers. This first agent has nominated Candy dido Hernandez and his family of four who lives right across my back yard dry way on 7721 St.Lo. Road,Houston,Texas,77033 and he has been recruiting al of my neighbors for a reward he get them from these agents, some neighbors are full of hatred and some are in a felony troubles and some like that money help.
I been saying that spying is on since 1980 and no American would believed it then but now.

My address is 5430 kenilwood drive,Houston,texas,77033, rashmiahya@yahoo.com 832 274 7491
Thanks a lot for your time.

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