Ali Van Zee is working to Demand that FWS Withdraws Its Wolf Delisting Proposal

Ali Van Zee

Ever since I was 13 years old and met a pack of wolves while hiking alone in the forests outside of Duluth, MN, I have been fascinated and even, yes, in love with these animals! Never once was I threatened by them. They only exhibited friendly curiosity - though the "aunties" in the pack growled at the pups who wanted to get a closer look at the intruder in their world. After about 10 minutes of mutual admiration, they trotted off in the opposite direction and I never saw them again. But, I was hooked for life!

We need our top predators and wildland to support them. Why is it ok for hunters to wantonly take innocent lives, but predators are not allowed to "make a living"? They balance out the health of all around them. We spent millions of dollars over 50 years to repopulate prime wolf habitat with this species that had all but gone extinct - and now we are going to kill them all?

This is a clusterfuck if I ever heard one!

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