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Deanna Mae Holloway

I do not understand why the Federal Government has to poke it's nose into every single thing that us citizens do that has heretofore been free with paying for access to the media forms and then decide that they must extract extra money by taxing it! About the time my parents were born there was absolutely no government taxes on anything. Because of the WWl the government decided that on top of sending people's sons to war the people should pay for military supplies, and then be rationed as to what they could buy. Each subsequent priviledge that was made, such as telegraph and telephones had to have a Federal tax on top of the cost. Now the NSA is spying on all that we say on phones or computer and keeping files on those things so that the Feds have decided to apply a tax on Bloggers to pay for spying on what we include in our Blogs etc. We need to stop this right now before it gets started because those evil people up there in DC are making more money a week than most of us are making in a year and if they think they have to spy on us, they should pay for the priviledge themselves! (We should really demand they stop spying or resign from office! What we say is really none of their business!) Please sign against this offensive matter! If enough sign they will get the message!

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