Runhild Roeder is working to right of free house

Runhild Roeder

Women should be empowered and be able to do all men do. There should not be any restriction to women in any activity. Women should be empowered financially also not simply in doing what they cn do. They are nurturers and they also need protection fro men. they should not have to worry about rape or sexual harassment. I have empowered my siblings who are now powqerful. I started empowering women when I turned 21 and was gainfully employed as social worker in Surrey , British Columbia. My case is clear on I am a philosopher, artist, social reformer, spiritual teacher, teacher of meditation practice and even impart know how in yoga and other martial arts. I am lover of the spiritual knowledge and the kind of modern or ancient science that helps humanity. Good women who are not trapped in lust or greed and are focused on beauty ( inner) goodness can be very helpful in changing our world. You may reach me via [email protected] if you need more info. I believe we cannot have a safe world and have lasting peace unless women are free of having to prove themselves to be good house wives and second to men in any field.

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