Becky Messick is working to ban all trapping In America

Becky Messick

In todays world, there is no need to trap any animal. We have thousands of farms all over the US and world wide that produce almost any type of meat or fur (real or fake) that is found in stores worldwide. The only way to stop it is to ask people to please sign and let the government that this is not right.

Animals feel pain just like we do. They will either starve or chew there own limb off just to get free.

I feel, that people who set traps should try it out for themselves for a couple of days and see how it would feel. From the moment the trap catches the limb to the moment of having the option of cutting off your own limb or waiting for someone to come and club/shoot you to death. If you don't die of other things first.

Thank you for your support.

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