ALERT: Persepolis Tablets Threatened By Senate Sanctions Bill

New Iran sanctions are targeting Persian artifacts in U.S. museums and universities, making it easier for lawyers to seize and auction off priceless Persian antiquities! Tell your Senators to protect our cultural heritage! Act now here:…Read More

Court Protects Persian Artifacts in Massachusetts; others still at risk

A ruling by a Massachusetts Court on Thursday will protect ancient Persian artifacts at Harvard University and Boston's Museum of Fine Arts from being seized by lawyers who are attempting to collect damages against the Iranian government. This ruling is a…Read More

Update on efforts to save the Persepolis artifacts

Washington, DC - Yesterday, significant progress was made toward protecting the Persepolis tablets and other Persian artifacts under threat. Key stakeholders came out in support of the Burris amendment, but ultimately it was withdrawn at the 11th hour after…Read More

Action Alert! Vote may be given TODAY on Persepolis Tablets.

RIGHT NOW is your chance to save the Persepolis tablets! The Senate may be taking a vote as soon as THIS AFTERNOON (July 23, 2009) that would prevent attempts to confiscate and auction off some of the most powerful symbols of Persian civilization. Call your…Read More

A Norooz for American diplomacy

Last week President Obama sent an unprecedented message to the Iranian people and government on the occasion of Norooz recognizing the meaning of Norooz as the dawn of a new day and expressing his wish for constructive ties between the United States and…Read More

STOP those who wish to seize pieces of Persian and world heritage.

This week marks the sixth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq that unleashed political, ethnic and sectarian tensions that caused years of devastating violence. Aside from thousands of civilian lost lives, “perhaps the most devastating loss for the…Read More

Let's work on this together.

What can you get with $5? A sandwich, if you’re lucky. But, by donating $5 today to the NIAC Persepolis Artifacts Fund, you can personally play a tremendous role in ensuring that thousands of Persepolis tablets are NOT seized, auctioned off and scattered…Read More
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