Call Senator Durbin of Illinois TODAY to save US Commission on International Religious Freedom!

We need your help today! The US Commission on International Religious Freedom could be shut down *tomorrow* unless Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois releases the "call back" he has placed on the commission's re-authorization. Call his office TODAY at 202-224-2152…Read More

Help Free Afghan Christians from Prison!

Two Christians have been imprisoned in Afghanistan for sharing their faith. Please, sign our petition asking General Petraeus to advocate for their release. Both prisoners are featured on our prisoner blog: Shoib…Read More

Help Free an Imprisoned Christian in Morocco!

We have launched a petition to help free Jamaa Ait Bakrim, a Moroccan Christian who has been imprisoned for his faith since 2005. He has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Though Morocco maintains that it upholds religious freedom, Jamaa is clearly being…Read More

ICC Interviews The Son of One of Hamas's Founders

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to read our incredible interview with "Son of Hamas" author Mosab Hassan Yousef. To sign up, go to He was the oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founding member of Hamas. He was…Read More

Petition for Pakistani Christians Condemned to Life in Prison

You may not be aware, but there is a very disturbing trend occurring in Pakistan. Judges are increasingly ruling against Christians, sentencing them to life in prison for alleged blasphemy against Islam. On February 25, 2010, Christian Qamar David was…Read More

New Hands-on Ways to be a Blessing to the Persecuted!

Very excited about this! ICC is launching our first "Special Blessings" campaign to give you the ability to touch the persecuted in a more tangible way. This year, we're giving you the opportunity to fill shoe boxes full of gifts for our orphans from Burma;…Read More

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted is November 8th!

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted is November 8th! Would you join us in remembering our brothers and sisters who are suffering for Christ? We've created resources to help you engage your church in the largest day of prayer for the persecuted…Read More
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