Custody laws to change in the USA.

Wow, Custody laws are going to change as soon as you and every one eles stand to geather and help fight for the change no one person can do it alone. Nor can one person try to alone. We all need to help that is with emails to state and federal officals when…Read More

Custody Laws Changing in Pennsylvnia.

Dear Friends, PA House Bill 1639 custody bill by cathey Manderino has passed the house and is now heading to the senate for final passage into law. We need your help. We all need to email the PA senators and let them know we need some changes to this bill.…Read More

Help for custody issues

Get help for your self or some one you know for custody, and support issues. You can save thousands and or help save someone you know thousands of dollars on custody and support issues.

yo this is for you

Jesse Storm just posted a video to your cause, Pennsylvania Families Association ( Thanks, Jesse Storm Rzm PA Custody HB463 Max Bear Suprem Court Justice…Read More


We are at 173 cause members if every one invites their freinds and only has one person join from their friends list we will double in numbers and move to the next level of causes. Please help get the word out to all your friends. Help end child abuse and…Read More

obama in the house

Jesse Storm just posted a video to your cause, Pennsylvania Families Association ( take a look at him talking about all you beat dead fathers out their you really should step up and be a parent…Read More

Help needed

we need to know where every one is from so we can start to help in all those areas. The next thing is what is happening around you in your area we need to know so we can make a game plane for your area and get working hard to help you and your children in…Read More
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