Tomorrow is the Day

Change your status and/or your picture on July 1st to show your support for Peace. -Alex

Spread the word for A Sign of Peace

Folks- July 1st is rapidly approaching. This is a reminder to invite friends to A Sign of Peace to grow our group and spread the word. Remember to change your profile pic and status to show your Sign of Peace. -Alex


Thanks for all of the Signs of Peace today. Let's keep spreading the word and I will post the next Peace Day soon. Thanks Again - Peace.

REMINDER - Update Your Picture

Tomorrow is the day...update your status and/or picture tonight!


I sent another mail using the site last week. Did anyone get it?

June Approaching

Folks- I am happy to see that our growth has continued. The more members we have the more powerful our message will be on July 1st. I would like to see if we can get the word out by having everyone recruit 1 new person this weekend (easy right). That will…Read More

10,000 is the goal

Folks, we are quickly approaching 500 members...I think we will meet that today - we need 25 new members. Our membership has grown steadily each day. I am glad to see our cause has viral potential. I sent an email (which did not get delivered to many folks)…Read More
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