9:09- World Peace Prayer

Thankyou for praying for World Peace.

Pray for Japan

Let us all pray for the Japanese. Let us pray that help is reaching to all those affected. Let us pray that by divine grace all the living beings affected by this disaster & all the elements of nature (Land, Water, Air) are getting healed. Thanks

Invitation: Happy Thoughts World Peace Festival

Thank you for supporting the cause World Peace, Piece by Piece and praying for world peace. You & your family are cordially invited for the Happy Thoughts World Peace Festival on 10.10.10 in Pune to be inaugurated by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. It is…Read More

The Unshaken Flame:

10 Master Peace Solutions for creating a Powerful life & a Prosperous World 1. Put Peace First. 2. Let those lead the world who are lead by heart. 3. To put an end to war & terror, first put your heart at peace. 4. You dont have to bring Peace. Peace…Read More

Coming Soon....

Word Peace. Releasing In Hearts World Wide. Stay tuned.....

Our Cause is a Family

Thanks to All, Our cause is a family now :) Lets continue to pray for Peace, every day at 9:09 Thanks
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