June 6 Declare a "Worker's Day" End of 15% Passive Income Tax Break

I propose that we celebrate labor by bringing the passive income tax rate of 15% to the same rate as income for actual work. If Bill Gates retired tomorrow and turn all of his net worth into CD accounts, he would earn about $ a year in interest,…Read More

Please join Pitchfork Press -now in Facebook-

Please join Pitchfork Press -now in Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/wwwpitchforkpresscom/103704651845 PITCHFORK PRESS A NEW WORD FOR LIBERAL --PRAGMATIC-- MAKING GOVERNMENT MAKE SENSE http://pitchforkpress.com/

Journalism in the World of Citizens United: the Keith Olbermann Lesson

Keith Olbermann has been silenced; who will be next ? Why not Starbucks?

GE/Comcast are actually validating the Tea Party paranoia (or not) of having our country and freedom taken away by the powers that be. Once all rational voices have been silenced it will be too late for even second amendment remedies; there will be nothing to…Read More

Do you feel appeased yet?

Now that health care is done ;) do you feel appeased? Granted, between the Supremes corporate decision, Texas book burning, Arizona papers please law, BP, financial un-reform, I do feel overwhelmed, even hopeless, but single payer is still a war worth…Read More


Divestment is the Answer - Vote with Your Stock http://www.huffingtonpost.com/teri-szucs/divestment-is-the-answer_b_510878.html Let's make holding health insurance shares politically incorrect Please post any comments on the post, not here. Spread the word,…Read More

911 Mass election help

 This plea came from Mary Jane Stevenson, OFA Directorfor California +++++ My dear friends who helped put the most unlikely candidate into the White House: I need your help. As you have all heard, the race to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat on Tuesday is…Read More
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