New [email protected] and ICT Industry efforts include PayPal as an important agenda item!

Just got back from an ICT Industry meeting in Lahore today on 22nd October 2011 where [email protected] (Pakistan Software House Association) was consulting consulting with a broad range of stakeholders (doing similar meetings in Karachi, Islamabad so forth) and…Read More

Help include PayPal support in the National Information Technology Revised Policy 2010 Draft for Approval

The Ministry of IT, Government of Pakistan has developed an initial draft of the National IT Policy (Revised 2010) that tends to "incorporates inputs received from various stakeholders through a broad based consultative process over the past several months."…Read More

Support Ibrahim Quereshi at the Obama-White House Summit for PayPal Pakistan Campaign

Dear Members and Supporters of Bringing to Pakistan In response to our efforts to encourage to authorize Pakistan and its Knowledge Workers to receive payments for their services rendered in the global knowledge economy, some efforts…Read More and Ebay Inc. still denying access to PayPal services to 5111 Pakistanis!

Source Link: PayPal Authorize Pakistan Now! Campaign 5111 Pakistanis have gotten together on in Facebook hosted cause at or simply at…Read More

Requesting One Email to to authorize PayPal in Pakistan = 4000 emails today!

Dear Member, Our for Pakistan demanding community has grown to over 4100 members all ready, the largest group to request to authorize services in Pakistan after UAE, China and India! It's time to take this campaign to result…Read More

Write to PayPal to Authorize Pakistan

Dear Friends and Supporters of the "PayPal Authorize Pakistan Now!" Campaign, Our community has grown incredibly to over 1689 members in a very short period of time. This shows the concern around the need for PayPal for Pakistan. After consensus building, in…Read More
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