Link Reviewers

The Path of Pink is looking for volunteers to help review breast cancer websites. If you are a survivor (and we are all survivors from the day we are diagnosed!), a caregiver, a physician or other person affected by this disease, please reply if you are…Read More

PoP Party!

Hello, All! We are having a local "PoP" Party tonight. We will have a few representatives from different home-based businesses come and show us their goods. In return, they are donating all or a portion of their profits to The Path of Pink! The…Read More

We're a Squad! 500 members!

Last night we hit the 500 member mark. We are averaging about 100 new members a day. You are phenomenal! Keep sending those invitations out!

Wow! We've hit 400 members!

Keep it up, everyone! I am so excited by the warm reception we've received. Keep those recruits coming!

PoP Beneficiary

I submitted our information to GuideStar, the organization that Facebook checks with to validate tax exempt charity status. It may take 48 hours to get us up on their system, which means I won't be able to set up our beneficiary until mid-week. I will post…Read More

Group Status

Wow! We've reach Club status in just 1 day! Keep it up everyone! Thank you for joining us on our mission!

501(c)(3) Status

We've received our tax exempt designation. All donations to The Path of Pink are now tax deductible!
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