Fundraising 2011 will be starting soon we need good ideas...

Hey folks it is that time again. I am looking for some really creative and fun ways to raise the necessary funding to keep the Safe house network going. We are enlisting ole members new members and all member to let us know what you think would be the best…Read More

another possible location for a safe house...Great news!

Hello everyone. We have not been updating as much as we once were because exciting things have been happening. We alreaddy have one location that is assisting the victims of this heinous crime. We are currently working on a second one. What great news! I hope…Read More

Haven't posted in awhile

the cause is still alive. Have't posted in awhile been working on the mundane, yet totally necessary day to day operations of running a program for abused girls. It is my pleasure to announce that we are moving steadily forward in our programming phase of…Read More

IPAD recruiting drive 2011

We are tracking the recruiting eforts of all of our members. We are going to give away an apple IPAD to the member that recruits the most members between now and December 2011. It is exciting the companies that are willing to donate minies to the "safe house"…Read More

REcruiting is going well

WE are just happy to announce that the recruiting for the caue is going well. We are s teadily moving forward and gaining momentum daily. I encourage all of our friends to get involved with this cause. We can make a difference in telling the sex traffickers…Read More

Error on web address

Hey folks, The last bulletin about the one dollar a month fundraising campaign hasd the incorrect web address. Here is the correct one this will get folks directly to our website and enable them with the opportunity to get…Read More

one dollar a month is all it takes

Parents aGainst Sex Trafficking is in full swing ot raise funding fo the growing safe house network for our young victims here domestically. We are asking people to commit to $1.00 a month for a period of three years to accomplish the goals of our…Read More
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