We've never been this close

This year we're the closest we've ever been to passing the Calling for 2-1-1 Act, which would offer financial support to maintain and improve 2-1-1, an easy to remember number that connects people who want to give and get help. It is one of the most universal…Read More

Success! Now We Can Ask House Leaders to Push the 2-1-1 Act to a Vote!

SUCCESS! We found the extra support we needed in Congress for 2-1-1 -- thanks to your emails and calls. We now move on to the next stage and we’ll ask Congressional leaders to bring the bill up for a vote. We could not have done this without your help. For…Read More

Pass 2-1-1 Now Campaign

You may have noticed that we're becoming more focused and assertive about the need and desire to advance 2-1-1 across the US. On March 18th, United Way leaders, both volunteers and staff, with many other friends and supporters, will be mobilizing in DC and…Read More

Catch 2-1-1 on CBS News Friday, March 5th

This Friday, March 5, CBS Evening News will include a story on 2-1-1. Correspondent Seth Doane visited the 2-1-1 call center in South Bend, Indiana, and conducted interviews with 2-1-1 director Dave Sisk and other call center staff, as well as with Lucinda…Read More

Progress on the Calling for 2-1-1 Act

Below is a brief update on our efforts to recruit members of congress to co-sponsor the Calling for 2-1-1 Act (which goes by H.R.211 in the House and S.211 in the Senate). H.R.211 - House Co-Sponsors: 92 (Goal = 218 to assure a majority when the bill comes…Read More
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