Penn Jillette on Obama's Drug Policy, Large Nonviolent Prison Population

Official Whitehouse Petition for our cause

Here it is! Please sign up on the official whitehouse page and sign this one, then spread it! (only takes a minute or two)  If we get 100K Signatures, we will receive a response from the…Read More

We're up over 3000 members! Thank you! Suggestion:

May I suggest finding the email addresses to your local newspaper editors and writing a simple letter calling upon your governor and President Obama to do the right thing and pardon them? If you do this, please post a copy of your letter here at this cause…Read More

Let's make this go viral and REALLY put the pressure on the politicians this election year!

Please invite your friends and family to do the right thing and support pardoning all nonviolent drug offenders this year at all levels of government.

Almost 3000 members! Here's an idea for action.

Voluntary social contracts to end drug war tyranny: I suggest a mass agreement of those willing to take cannabis cases to jury and those willing to not shirk jury duty when they are called in order to clog the court system and make it very difficult for…Read More

Thanks for joining this cause!

Please remember to invite all your friends to join us and perhaps this can go viral. Imagine taking part in action that could serve to reunite broken families, victims of this terrible drug war.
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