THE SOUTH AFRICAN LAW AS IT CURRENTLY STANDS -The commission recommended AGAINST intro. of Megans Law because: 1. It creates a false sense of security. 2. BY FORCING SEX OFFENDERS TO REGISTER, SOCIETY SENDS A MESSAGE TO THESE INDIVIDUALS THAT THEY ARE…Read More

This man must not be released

Only you can stop that though... please follow the link to the petition, read and please consider signing. Thank you sam

Paedophiles also have human rights!

SERIAL paedophile David Williams wants £5,000, claiming HIS HUMAN RIGHTS WERE BREACHED BECAUSE HE HAS TO ENDURE A SUB-STANDARD LIFESTYLE" at Exeter Prison in Devon. Keep in mind that he has convictions for offences against children dating back to the 1980s…Read More

William George Barney - CAPTURED

Please take the time to visit PAPP on facebook. There is a new announcement with regard to the capture and arrest of known paedophile, William George Barney as per above subject header. Although this man has received 18 years, he could be free after 6 yrs -…Read More

Minimize the Chances of an Online Predator Victimizing a Child

Warn your children about potentially dangerous people who may try to befriend them online. Keep the computer in a public space in your house, not your child's bedroom. Don't allow children to use a screen name profile or to give out personal information…Read More

Chld Molesters Produce Internet Video...

At this very moment, on channel 3, I am watching as Oprah interviews a guest from the Task Force, but what has caused me to write to you today is the special video being played during the interview (only bits are portrayed as it is not suitable for viewers of…Read More

Siyolise FOUND

SIYOLISE, the 4 year old who went missing earlier this evening has been FOUND and is SAFE! Thanx to Pieter Boshoff from Missing Children SA and Inspector Julies of Mitchells Plain Police Station and his team.
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