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A Quick and Easy Way to Help Outside the Bowl Today - From Your Desk!

If you haven't joined our Facebook community yet, would you please take a minute today and "Like" our page at facebook.com/outsidethebowl? We've named October "Like" month here at OTB, and we're having so much fun sharing photos, videos and special requests…Read More

What is Starving 2 Serve?

Starving 2 Serve (S2S) is a youth group program designed by OTB. It is a unique way for students to explore together the biblical perspective on hunger and what God expects from each of us. Students have the opportunity to raise funds by asking people to…Read More

How to Create a Causes Wish

Good news! Causes has a way to raise funds online as an individual for Starving 2 Serve! Now even your grandma in New York can help you raise funds for your group AND help Outside the Bowl eliminate physical and spiritual starvation around the world. Here is…Read More

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