Outrageous Acts - New Member Recruiting and TROUBLE THE WATER DVD

Thanks to all who helped to recognize the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the DVD release of the Academy Award-nominated documentary TROUBLE THE WATER by recruiting new members to the Outrageous Acts Cause. The five winners, listed below, will…Read More

One Week Left to Build the Outrageous Acts Cause and Win a DVD of TROUBLE THE WATER

There's one week to go in our Cause-building TROUBLE THE WATER DVD campaign. Here are the current standings: We have 637 members this morning and need 363 to reach 1,000. That means if each member recruits one friend, we'll be on target very fast. It also…Read More

Be an Outrageous Activist—Recruit Friends, Remember Hurricane Katrina and Win DVD of Academy Award-Nominated TROUBLE THE WATER

The Outrageous Acts Cause now has 631 members. Help Us Reach 1,000 Members by August 25 when TROUBLE THE WATER is released. Send Your Invitations Now: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/cause_invitations/new?cause_id=239260 TROUBLE THE WATER tells the story of…Read More

Be an Outrageous Activist - Recruit Your Friends to Win a DVD

Be an Outrageous Activist - Recruit Your Friends to Win a DVD Be an outrageous activist and recruit your friends to the Outrageous Activists campaign of the Ms. Foundation for Women. Qualify to win the soon-to-be-released DVD of the Academy Award-nominated…Read More

Outrageous Act for New York State Domestic Workers - Act Now

With only two weeks left in the New York State legislative session, now is the time to tell your Assembly and Senate representatives to support the New York State Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. With the economic crisis causing widespread job loss and pay…Read More

Help Us Double Membership

Invite your friends or share your own Outrageous Act to inspire others to do one small act in the cause of simple justice every day. We are 510 members strong, but hope to be even stronger. If each of us recruits just one of our friends we'll double our…Read More

View 25 Outrageous Acts on Our YouTube Channel

The Outrageous Acts Channel on YouTube now features 25 video acts for your information and entertainment. These short videos provide specific examples of actions for simple justice. Take a look, share with friends, take action and post your own. Outrageous…Read More
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