Fundraising on top of the World.

Ostomates of Facebook would like to Congratulate fellow Member Rob Hill for Climbing Mt.Everest, Rob has been set out to Climb the 7 summits on every continent since he was a child, Being diagnosed with Crohn's and Later having Ostomy surgery, gave him a…Read More

The Life goes on Foundation If everyone wants to check out this site it be great, one of our fellow ostomates set it up and its a great site for Ostomates to Communicate.. ps, if you join the Site you get your own Profile which you can Customize,…Read More

Good News

Great to see the Group Growing, I just want to let everyone know that My own Family is growing with my GirlFriend of four Years and I having a baby later on in the New Year. - Justin Ashton, Administrator & and Father to be.

Take the Pledge

Do you have your Pledge Badge yet? Ostomates of Facebook, have set a goal to reach 500 members before Christmas. This is a feasible objective since there is well over 1000 Ostomates on Facebook, not to mention the Friends and Family who support…Read More

Ostomy Humour

Hello again and Thanks for the Support, I was thinking one of my ways of Healing and Coping has always been a good Laugh or to poke a bit of fun at an otherwise boring situation. So in saying that I invite you to post your Humourous Ostomy Stories and…Read More


Hey, Just wanted to extend a thanks for supporting the Ostomates of Facebook's Cause, in spreading the Knowledge, of what Ostomies are and how they improves Ostomates Quality of Life. ...And to get the cause started we would like to have some Photos of…Read More
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