Questions about wildlife from Atlantic Rainforest?

Today Live Chat with Luciano Breves on Wildlife Focus!

Ornithos Website

Live cams showing wildlife in South America. Live chat to exchange information about wildlife and preservation.

Ornithos and World Land Trust - New partnership!

Ornithos and World Land Trust now work together to preserve the Atlantic Rainforest! Visit and learn about our projects. Check out the `webcam in the forest project` at and…Read More

Visitor's Centre in the Heart of the Forest!

In the middle of the biggest continuous area of preserved Atlantic Rainforest the Ornithos Reserve has 27 acres. The Visitor's Centre will host live cams showing the wildlife and the forest around. It will also help on protecting the area by monitoring…Read More

Preserving the Atlantic Rainforest - Live cams

Here you can see some of the amazing animals that depend on the Atlantic Rainforest to survive on live cams. The website is still being built. Soon new features will be available.
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