Today is World Water Day

Joy Daniel just posted a link to your cause, Friends of Organic Farmers of India ( Thanks, Joy Daniel 7sm BBC News - World Water Day: Why business needs to worry…Read More

Findings of the Organic Bazaar in Aurangabad

A Japanese team from Kobe University, Japan, independently evaluated the Organic Bazaar in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. The survey was done over a period of 3 months. The team consisted of two senior professors and one senior researcher. This expert…Read More

Situation of small farmers in central India.

 I have just updated . Please do visit the same. Thanks. - Joy daniel  जोय डॅनियल Cause Creator

Japanese University Professors study viability of organic farming in dry land conditions of central India..

For two days - i.e. today and tomorrow - senior Japanese Professors of Osaka University are in Aurangabad to study the viability of small organic farms in dry land conditions. Their findings and recommendations seem helpful. Tomorrow, I look forward to lunch…Read More

Small farmers and their livelihoods.

Thank you very much for joining this cause. I had been terribly busy during the past week with meetings with the farmers and interested organizations that I hope will result in better incomes for the small and marginal farmers. Hence, could not send this…Read More
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