Operation Enduring Freedom is winding down, so...

Hello Everyone! Thank you for everything you have done on your own and via Operation Hooah for our valiant soldiers. The uplift you have provided our wonderful men & women in harms way, is really unquantifiable. It is TOO HUGE to know. Operation Hooah…Read More

Changing of the Guard: Goodbye to JOE and hello to KYLE, our New Intrepid Chinook Pilot!

HOOAH! to all our wonderful Operation Hooah Angels! I received a message from our intrepid Chinook Pilot, Joe Speal. I am happy to announce that he is Homeward bound as we speak! We are SO happy for him!!! We are so grateful for the wonderful service he…Read More

Amazing things at Operation Hooah!

Thought I would share one of the latest remarkable things we've seen through our little endeavor, Operation Hooah. Got the first message of this thread June 5. Just read through and see how cool: (I've blanked out identifiable info for OPSEC reasons, but if…Read More

A request for packages...

If any Operation Hooah Angels out there would like to send packages directly to soldiers who have made a request, below is a message I received recently. Lets see what we can do for these good soldiers! Thank you for all you do! To whom it may concern, I…Read More

Wonderful Idea!

GREAT News Operation Hooah Angels!

Our Intrepid Chinook Pilot Joe Speal is in Afghanistan and has a new address for us to use to send our Operation Hooah packages! We are SO happy to have him as our Man in A-stan again! His support of Operation Hooah has been wonderful! We are very lucky to…Read More


Please email us at [email protected] to receive the new mailing address for Christmas packages! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR OUR HEROES!!
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