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Hey everyone, The new short link feature by facebook causes is out. The link for the cause "Save the Oompa Loompas" will be shortened to Please spread this link to your friends and have them join the cause! Much thanks to those…Read More


let's give oompa loompas the attention they deserve


If anyone has new or creative ideas on how to change the cause, please add a comment on the wall or message me. I will try the new ideas as I see fit. Also please, please always be on the lookout and recruit new members for the cause. THANK YOU FOR YOU…Read More


hey guys, if you can, try and recruit more members. sadly, our numbers have been staying at around 19000. Thanks to those of you who have already recruited!


Hey anyone who thinks they have a great oompa loompa picture, preferably a big one that can attract a lot of attention should notify me immediately or paste it on the media board. I might just make it the picture for the cause.


I'm planning to change the beneficiary of this cause. Does anyone have suggestions?


I just want to thank all the recruiters. Especially those of you guys who have recruited a significant amount of members. I want to let you know that your contribution is greatly appreciated. If you're a member who hasn't recruited someone yet, then please do…Read More
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