Join the Online Dialogue with Peacebuilder Patricia Smith Melton

OneWorlders have chosen Patricia Smith Melton as one of their People of 2008. Now's your chance to really get to know Patricia and the incredible work she's doing to build peace and tolerance in the Middle East and around the world. Here's a link to join the…Read More

Exclusive Video, Who In The World Is Jeffrey Allen? - OneWorld Spring Fundraising Drive

Dear friends, Thanks to everyone who has helped us during the Spring fundraising drive! If you haven't yet, now's your chance to check out an exclusive video featuring OneWorld U.S. Managing Editor Jeffrey Allen: In the video…Read More

OneWorld Execs Admit Taking Home Huge Bonuses!

WASHINGTON, Mar 25 – Investigations have uncovered massive bonuses at the nonprofit public media organization In an apparent attempt to avoid public scrutiny, the organization’s top executives and other employees have accepted large amounts of…Read More

Watch it on YouTube - Congressman Markey Brings Opposing U.S. Viewpoint to Bali U.S. Congressman Edward J. Markey (Democrat-Massachusetts) took an alternate—and virtually carbon-free—route to Bali, Indonesia this morning, as he offered the United Nations climate summit a vision of U.S. climate…Read More

Dec. 11 - Congressman Edward Markey, Live from Virtual Bali!

Hello everyone, On Tues., Dec. 11 Congressman Edward Markey (D-Mass.), Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, has decided to use Virtual Bali for his speech to the UN Conference instead of spending the carbon to fly…Read More

Looking for meaningful gifts this holiday season?

OneWorld Gift Guide Looking for meaningful gifts for your family and friends this holiday season? With OneWorld's Gift Guide the possibilities are endless! You can find hundreds of gift ideas from nonprofits across the nation. Save time AND make a…Read More
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