music and art needed for WPA campaign

Dear Friends, Thank you for signing up to support the one percent for the arts petition-- as you know we didn't get what we asked for in the stimulus package, but we continue to agitate for arts support. Below are three ways you can help! 1) Please do keep…Read More

Update, one percent for the arts

When the stimulus package passed it included many great things, $819 billion dollars worth, but only a small portion for the arts: $50 million. Though this is a victory for the arts organizations who are fighting for life and will be saved by increased aid…Read More

America, the Beautiful????? "Senators today approved, 73-24, an amendment imposing tougher restrictions on money for pet projects than those in the House bill. The House measure bars stimulus funding from…Read More

The Nation: One Percent for Imagination

"At a time when certain members of Congress are speaking in opposition to including a mere $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts in the $850 billion stimulus, some of us have the audacity to suggest that they do more. Thousands have signed a…Read More


JOIN OUR EVENT: JANUARY 15th Here's what we'll do: at 11:00 am, Jan 15 (or during your lunch hour if need be) we will all phone our members of Congress to ask that they include the arts in their stimulus plan-- 1% for the arts. Senate switchboard:…Read More
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