PCB's in Dolphins... linked to immune system failure...

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which are linked to immune system suppression and reproductive failure, exist in extremely high levels in the blubber of dead dolphins and whales in many parts of the world. PCBs are a form of industrial waste now illegal in…Read More

Welcome divers

Welcome divers and everyone who cares about the health of our oceans and coral reefs. We are seeking divers for a coral restoration project in the Key Largo area. Please join the team, stay in good condition, and be ready to dive with us when you are…Read More

Help Remove Toxic Plastic from Oceans

i started a petition, please sign it! :-) --------------------------------------------- Help Remove the Toxic Plastic in order to save the Oceans and future generations. Plastic is a known Transporter of Toxic Chemicals to all Sea Life and humans. Tons of…Read More

Plastc // PCB // Waves of disaster

PCB // Waves of disaster By Roberta Staley They are called lantern fish, silvery navigators of the ocean’s deepest depths, bug-eyed, blunt-nosed, and gap-mouthed, with close-set rows of pointy teeth. Every night around the globe, at least 600 million tonnes…Read More
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