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50 Children / 50 Hours / 50 donations (or as many as it takes!)

In about 50 hours 2011 will end. There are 50+ children waiting anxiously in Kitale, Kenya to find out if they will be able to enroll in school next week.We are short $5000 of what is needed to get them there. Over the next 50 hours, you can help create a…Read More

You have the ability to make sure that 50 children will be able to continue their education on Monday morning!

As we wait to say "Happy New Year!" tonight at midnight.....50 children at Oasis of Hope are waiting to find out if they will be able to continue with their education on Monday morning. We are still $5,000 short of what is needed to pay their tuition, and buy…Read More

Invite your friends to be part of the Oasis of Hope Cause!

You care about Oasis of Hope. You know that Oasis is saving the lives of hundreds of street kids, orphans and other vulnerable and precious children in Kitale, Kenya. Don't you think YOUR friends would like the opportunity to be a part of what Oasis of Hope…Read More

Visit the Oasis of Hope Cause Page daily and help save Oasis of Hope!

Dear friends of Oasis of Hope: Causes is now donating 5 cents per day for each person that visits our Causes page and watches a one short advertisement per day. Five cents doesn't sound like much...but....do the math: If each of our 631 members visited…Read More

Shopping online?- With one 'click' you can raise money for Oasis at the same time!

Dear friends of Oasis of Hope - By downloading the Causes Shopping toolbar - you can raise money for Oasis of Hope while you shop online! Every category of product and service is represented with stores like Target, Nordstrom, Staples, Home Depot and Best…Read More

Time for a Christmas miracle!

Dear friends of Oasis of Hope.... The days are still warm in California...but, it is getting dark by 5pm and the nights are really chilly. So, it isn't hard to believe that Christmas is less than 7 weeks away! For the children of Oasis of Hope - Christmas is…Read More

List of Supplies Needed at Oasis of Hope

Many people have asked what they can donate to Oasis of Hope in the way of supplies. The following lists detail items that are ALWAYS needed: School Supplies 1. #2 Pencils 2. Ballpoint Pens (blue ink) 3. Red ballpoint Pens (used by teachers for grading) 4.…Read More
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