Vote in the Herald Sun poll: "Should Australia embrace nuclear power?"

There is a poll in the Herald Sun at the moment on whether Australia should embrace nuclear power. Please vote in the poll and send the link below to others if you have the…Read More

Article entitled: "Dodgy Dealings continue in the Uranium Industry" by Mia Pepper, Nuclear Free Campaigner with the Conservation Council of WA

"This week the Barnett Government announced that the Australian Centre for Geomechanics has won a tender to form an ‘independent panel on uranium mining regulations’. Sitting on the panel are pro-nuclear lobbyists and behind the scenes are corporate sponsors…Read More

Kimberley Uranium Awareness Roadshow - needs your help

Volunteers, support and donations are needed to help make the Kimberley Uranium Awareness Roadshow a success. The Roadshow is about "Bringing the Indigenous Experience of Uranium Mining and its Impacts on Aboriginal communities in the NT and SA to the…Read More

Yellowcake Plans Upset Kalgoorlie Locals

Yellowcake Plans Upset Kalgoorlie Locals By Jade Macmillan Kalgoorlie pastor Geoffrey Stokes leads an anti-uranium mining march down Hannan Street "It's part of our dreamtime stories that the uranium, the death that is in the ground, must remain. "Other…Read More

Kakadu uranium mine leaking '5400 times normal level'

Uranium mine leak '5400 times normal level' by Emma Masters ABC News Online Contaminated water seeping from a mine in Kakadu National Park has a uranium concentration more than 5,000 times the normal level, a Senate estimates committee has heard. The…Read More

Uranium Mining in the Kimberley Escalating

Uranium mining activity in the Kimberley sure is escalating. There are at least 20 companies with dozens of uranium exploration tenements in our region. Since WA's premier Colin Barnett overturned the previous Labor government's anti-uranium mining stance,…Read More

MacTiernan Attempts to Break Labor's Ban on Uranium

Please write to The West Australian about this issue (email [email protected] & include your full address and telephone number) or write to your local newspaper. Alternatively, please let Alannah MacTiernan know your views by emailing…Read More
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