Alexandria, VA Says Shock Collars Don't Qualify as "Restraint"

Purina May Shut Down Dog-friendly Blog Due to Outcry of Shock Collar Fans...

Our friend, Debbie, from writes us this message; please consider responding to this blog with your support! "In the past when I have written blog posts or comments on blogs or websites in which I bring up a certain trainer who routinely…Read More

Help Promote Positive Training!

Trainers Academy LLC in Troy Michigan is competing in their local CityVoter poll for the title of "Best Training 2010". While they appear to be in the lead, that's potentially in jeopardy because their competition, the local Sit Means Sit franchise, is…Read More

NSCC Site Goes Blog!

Please visit our newly formatted site at! We've gone 'blog' for better updating, and to make it easier for the web crawlers to find our content. You can also add comments directly at the blog now! If you have content you'd like to see…Read More

Coastal Pet Products And Their Line Of Shock Collars...

This came across my desk this week. Apparently Coast Pet Products, manufacturer of the Halti head collar, also owns Remington Sporting Dog, a manufacturer of shock collars. Does anyone know anything about this? Is this a recent acquisition or has this been…Read More

No Shock Collar Coalition Reaches 1100-Member Mark!

This morning our number stands at 1107 and growing! One of our members, Hollie Toner of Chicago, is vying for the title "Best Trainer" in the local "Cityvoter" competition. Her closest rival in the contest is the local SitMeansSit franchise. Vote for Holly…Read More

No Shock Collar Coalition Approaches 1000 Members!

Good morning! We ended this weekend at 973 members, and growing! Thank you for spreading the word! Please visit the Cause page frequently and post your thought, or join in on the discussion board. Your support keeps us going! Don't forget to join the NSCC by…Read More
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