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Kill Internet Taxes.

Join our campaign for an Internet free of taxes and government meddling. Send a message to Congress: #NoNetTax!

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Americans for Tax Reform
Americans for Tax Reform Campaign leader

Democrat Majority Whip Richard Durbin and a group of Senators are holding the passage of a permanent ban on Internet access taxes hostage…Read More

SEPP: Making the Internet more expensive for consumers

The Washingtion Times
By Pete Sepp - - Wednesday, September 17, 2014 Congress has long been derided as a body crippled by score-settling, grandstanding and ideological skirmishing. Washington insiders may disagree with this assessment of how dysfunctional our nation’s capital has become, but to taxpayers the evidence is clear.…Read More
Americans for Tax Reform
Americans for Tax Reform Campaign leader

Polling shows Americans overwhelmingly oppose Harry Reid’s scheme to create an online sales tax, and a large majority of Americans support…Read More

4 Reasons for a Permanent Internet Tax Moratorium

Americans for Tax Reforms
Without further Congressional action, states and localities will begin taxing Internet access as soon as December 11th. A permanent moratorium, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, has passed the House with a simple voice vote, demonstrating bipartisan agreement about the importance of a tax-free Internet. Unfortunately, Senate Democrat Leader…Read More
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