N3.3 Trillion Vanished From Federal Coffers Between 2003 and 2008.

Is this going to be swept under the rug like everything else? Probably... http://www.9jalife.com/group/politics/forum/topics/n33-trillion-vanished-from

Re-Branding Nigeria... Good Idea or Just Another White Elephant Project?

Is "re-branding" Nigeria really what we need at this point in time? As Yar'Auda rebrands Nigeria, BusinessWeek declares Lagos the worst city in the world to work…Read More

Is CBN Governor, Chukwuma Soludo Embezzling Money, Or Merely Engaged in Extensive Corruption?

I am happy the press is beginning to ask questions. How does a man who earns N1 million a month live a N20 million a month…Read More

On PDP Chairman Vincent Ogbulafor's N400 Million Mansion...

In a statement issued and signed by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Prof. Ahmed Alkali, the party in a tacit admittance that Ogbulafor was in fact the owner of the N400 Million mansion located at 45 Mohammed Nasir Road in Asokoro, Abuja said,…Read More

Halliburton Fined $559 For Bribing Nigerian Officials...

http://www.my-nigeria.com/2009/01/27/halliburton-to-pay-559-million-fine-to-united-states-authorities-for-bribing-nigerian-officials/ This is beyond bizzare, what is even more bizzare is that on the Naija end of things, it is business as usual...

Looking for a few Good Men (and Women)

Forwarded message from the folks @ my-nigeria.com --- Brothers and Sisters, http://www.My-Nigeria.com is out of its initial testing phase. At this point in time we need a few good men (and women) to step up as contributors. If you are interested in: 1)…Read More

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