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Support gun violence prevention. After the national moment of silence on Dec. 21, NOW is the moment

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On Friday, December 14th and 9:30am ET, twenty school children, their four teachers, and two school administrators were murdered by a lone gunman. The moment we learned about the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut will be etched in our memories forever. The horror of this incident was the last straw in a string of mass shootings; in an instant we knew we could not sit idly by until the next time this happens again.

In the coming weeks and months, we must come together around common-sense solutions that will prevent the gun violence that has become all too frequent in communities across the country. We welcome everyone to this dialogue—we want to hear from gun owners who think it's time for a change as well as folks who are still on the fence. We're all going to have to come together if we're going to move this country forward.

Please join us. In the new year, we will provide more information on the steps being considered in Washington and how you can express your support for change. 

If you have a website or blog, please spread the word by placing this badge on your page. Use the Twitter hashtag #NeverAgain to let your friends know the importance of committing today to reduce future gun violence.
Now is the moment to do something about gun violence. Never again.


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