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Timothy Martin got off a bus in Sacramento with nowhere to go. Timothy is deaf, blind, and used to be a patient at West Hills Hospital in Reno, Nevada. That is, until he was put on a bus and sent to California with no one to contact and no place to stay when he got there.  [1]

West Hills Hospital is not the only venue that has been giving it's patients one-way tickets out of state in a practice called "Greyhound Therapy." Recent studies have determined that 500 patients have been discharged by Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital and sent by Greyhound bus to California over the past five years. Once these patients arrive, many of them have nowhere to go, and have no one to contact.

Some patients have been simply told to call 911 once they arrive at their destination. Despite demonstrating the horrendous and despicable treatment of disabled and mentally ill patients, this practice has left other states to carry the cost of care for these new residents.

San Francisco alone has spent over $500,000 on medical care, housing and other grants for these patients after they arrive from Rawson-Neal, specifically. [2]

We cannot let Nevada get away with treating humans like this! We must place pressure officials to make sure that hospitals are banned from sending their patients out of state via "Greyhound Therapy"

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[2] CNN


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