Governor Bev Purdue on Facebook

Go to Governor Purdue's Facebook page and see what I have written on her wall and add your own. We need to blow this up! Also notice that ESPN has come out in support of us on the CFRG…Read More

Over 740 members now!

We are rolling! If you haven't already take a couple seconds to sign the petition too: Together we can make a difference. Thanks for your help. Gordon


We now have 600 members. We would have no problem holding off Xerxes' army at Thermopylae now. ;-) Don't forget to sign the petition too: and keep spreading the word. There is a new…Read More

Sign the petition

Don't forget to sign the petition. It only takes a minute or so. Please don't sign anonymously or with aliases. Those will not be taken out of the final count by the people that look…Read More

Online Petition

I have started an online petition. Please go to the link and follow the steps. This is just another thing that we can do to make our voice heard.

The time has come

The Facebook causes thing has been a great way to get people all in the same virtual space. Now it is time to start doing something. This is an easy way to get started. Our new Governor Bev Perdue has stated that she would be interested in talking about…Read More

Red Drum Gamefish status

I think it is about time to do some more with this Facebook group. The new governor of NC has stated that she would be interested in making red drum a gamefish, which means they cannot be brought to marker. This would stop the targeting of reds that we are…Read More
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