The Need for an Autism Division in the Public Health Agency of Canada

Autism Canada is asking all Autism stakeholders to unite during this federal election campaign for the purpose of seeking firm commitments from all political candidates to add Autism to their priority list; we want them to specifically commit to create a…Read More

Day care promises - does "universal" access include kids with ASD?

The recently announced universal daycare promises from the Liberals, NDP and Green Party are an excellent hook to bring in the Autism question. Kids with ASD, as we all know, are commonly diagnosed right at the age where they would be eligible for daycare.…Read More

Submit a question for the federal leader's debate

The public has been invited to submit questions to the leader's debates. Below is the question I sent in. The more people ask about Autism the more likely it is that one of the questions submitted will be asked. Please take a few minutes to write your own…Read More

What's the best thing to do now? Add supporters!

What exactly are we doing now I've been asked. Good question. The answer is building a base, adding supporters. We will likely have a federal election sometime in the warm months of 2008 and as such we need to reach a critical mass of supporters large enough…Read More

So what can we actually do?

Tony Clement, the federal minister of health, recently responded to the Senate report. It was lame to say the least. With the possibility of a federal election in the next year or so we shuold make sure our MPs (and those who would like to be our MPs) and…Read More
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