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The Push to 100 (Cause Members)

Friends- We're just 17 members of this cause away from reaching 100- which will move us into the next level on Causes, a "Club." Could I ask that you take a couple of seconds today and invite a few of your friends to join our cause? We're trying to get to…Read More

Pepsi Challenge Update- The Final Push!

We're in the final days of the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, and myImpact.org continues to hold a strong position in the Top 5 of our category. Thanks to your support this month, we are now just days away from receiving a $25,000 grant from Pepsi. But, this…Read More

Pepsi Challenge Update-Please Vote Today!

Cause Supporters: I have good news to share! After the first two weeks of the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, myImpact.org is in third place- a position that we have held for over 10 consecutive days. This is very good news, and we are in a strong position to win a…Read More

Have 30 Seconds? Help myImpact.org Win $25,000!

Friends, In February, myImpact.org is participating in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, and has a good chance at winning a $25,000 grant. At the end of the first week of the month-long contest, we are in third place. The top 10 projects in each category will win…Read More

Just 3 Hours Left!-Please donate now!

Friends, Over the last day I hope that you have taken the time to check out our fan page, our personal profile pages, or our web site. If you have, you've seen the commitment that my co-founder Nick Troiano and I have shown to the cause that we care…Read More

myImpact.org's 24-Hour Facebook Fundraiser Begins!

Dear Friends, From now until 3pm tomorrow, myImpact.org is trying to raise the most number of unique donations as part of our 24-Hour Facebook Fundraiser. When we do, we will win the $1,000 America's Giving Challenge daily prize. Our fundraising goal is also…Read More
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