Emergjenca- Bashkia Shkodër

Miqte e mi.. Bashkia shkoder ndodhet ne nje gjendje katastrofike si pasoje e permbytjeve qe kane bere qe niveli i ujit te arije deri ne 2,5 m ne zona te caktuara.. Kjo besoj nuk eshte e re per ju.. Nevoje per ndihme eshte me e madhe se asnjehere, rreth 3000…Read More

Finally you can hear even ballkanian music for free using http://albaclima.com/

Is as simple as that.. You can create your own playlists and post them to your friends. http://albaclima.com/ Just enjoy! I apologize if this mesagge bothers you. I only thought it may be interesting for you as it was for me.

Pherhaps the biggest of albanian poets (Migjeni)

Just enjoy the best of them: http://bukaqeja.googlepages.com/migjeni Have fun, Bledar...

Stop to the nuclear plant in Shkoder!!

Kunder Ndertimit te centralit berthamor ne Shkoder (Shqiperi)

Te nderuar miq te Causes Nene Tereza.. Ju lutem nga zemra, qe te shkruheni ne grupin "Kunder ndertimit te centralit berthamor ne Shkoder"... http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=7593&uid=84690925942 Eshte turp qe te flitet dhe absurd nje sulm i tille…Read More

The Earthquake in Italy..

At least 150 people are dead, dozens missing, 1,500 injured and some 50,000 homeless after the pre-dawn quake struck L'Aquila and its region. Many of them are Albanians. 3 childrens from Shkodra. A hole Albanian family from Macedonia.. Could be many others..…Read More

Listen the beautiful voice of this angel singing- 12 year old girl sings "Hurt" of Aguilera

Hallow everybody, I invite you all to give 5 minutes to this wonderful 12 year old french singer. She sang "Hurt" of Christina Aguilera on the French "New Talent - Show". I was amazed of her voice... You can see the video on the link…Read More
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