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December 25, 2013 marked 8 years since I last saw my daughter, Jessie Foster, in person. She went missing March 29, 2006. I WILL FIND JESSIE .... OR DIE TRYING!

Please join M.A.T.H. (Mothers Against Trafficking Humans)

Human trafficking is a horrific crime that has only got worse over the decades since slavery was abolished well over a century ago. We need to do something about it and raising awareness is something that anyone and everyone is capable of doing.  Inviting…Read More

Jessie's Story by TrafficJamCanada

Tara Teng, an abolitionist and former Miss British Columbia (2010); Miss Canada (2011); Miss World Canada (2012) and Brandon Deepwell came to my home in Kamloops in November 2012 and we did this video to let people know about Jessie and her disappearance and…Read More

Help Miss World Canada become Miss World 2012 & raise awareness to human trafficking along the way!

I created this event to raise awareness and to try to help get lots of LIKES on this page. Everyone, please share it with everyone to direct them to this page! Thank you, Glendene Grant. http://www.facebook.com/events/296247727140874/

Do you have a minimum of just $1 you can send to help Jessie's mom get to Calgary for JESSIE FOSTER'S 10 YEAR GRAD REUNION CEREMONY?

OKAY FOLKS ... this is important and there is no way I can afford to go without everyone's help! JESSIE GRADUATED ON JUNE 1, 2002 - her 10 year grad reunion is coming up on Saturday, June 23, 2012 and we have been given 2 tickets to attend and the…Read More

Matt Redman and LZ7 - Twenty Seven Million

This is the music video for a song that has impacted the world … 'Twenty Seven Million' by Matt Redman and LZ7; a song that is highlighting slavery and human trafficking in the world with proceeds going to the A21 Campaign to help abolish slavery and human…Read More
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